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GDPR and Online consent information

Goetre Primary School is the data controller for the personal information you provide to us. Your information will be used to inform you of your child’s progress and promotion of school-based activities and events. We may also send you information which relates your child’s education from providers that have links to the school or which we believe will be of interest to you and your child. We will only use your personal information for lawful purposes.  Please read our privacy notices for more information.  We will not share your data with any third parties without your explicit consent unless we are required or permitted to do so by law. You can withdraw your consent at any time and ask for your data to be erased from our records. Data protection law describes the legal basis for our processing your data as one based on consent.

We are trying to reduce the amount of paper/printing we use.  Therefore, we ask parents to complete an online form giving information about their child, contact details and consent for a range of important school activities.  The information below gives further explanation on elements of the online information form.

Hwb Platform

The Hwb platform provides all maintained schools in Wales with access to a wide range of centrally-funded, bilingual digital tools and resources to support the digital transformation of classroom practices. The Hwb platform is managed and operated by the Welsh Government.

All pupils in maintained schools in Wales must be provided with a secure log-in to the Hwb platform. This is because mandatory reading and numeracy tests, currently on paper, will be moving online and must be completed by each pupil via the platform. In order to provide your child with a secure log-in, the school will be sending basic information to the Welsh Government. The log-in will allow your child to take the mandatory online assessments, known as ‘personalised assessments’.

For more information about the Hwb platform and how information about your child is used, please see

For more information about the online personalised assessments, please see

Additional services

If you agree, Welsh Government can also provide your child with access, via the Hwb platform, to a variety of additional services which are provided by other organisations. These include online learning environments such as Hwb Classes, Microsoft Office 365, Google for Education, and other relevant educational tools and resources. Welsh Government is making these additional services available to help your child access educational resources. These additional services are centrally funded and there is no cost for you or for your school to access and use them.

Welsh Government will only provide access to these additional services if you give consent to indicate your agreement.

Your agreement

If you agree:

  • we will tell Welsh Government to provide access to the additional services
  • Welsh Government will share information about your child with its service provides, including Microsoft and Google Education, in order to enable access to the additional services

If you do not agree, we will still share information about your child with Welsh Government to set up a secure log-in for the Hwb platform, but your child will not be able to access the additional services.

If you wish to withdraw your consent, please contact the headteacher.

IT Acceptable Use Policy Agreement

By agreeing to the acceptable use policy you agree to the following:

Parent / Carer Permission

  • As the parent / carer of the above pupil, I give permission for my son / daughter to have access to the internet and to ICT systems at school.
  • I know that my son / daughter has signed an Acceptable Use Agreement and has received, or will receive, e-safety education to help them understand the importance of safe use of ICT – both in and out of school.
  • I understand that the school will take every reasonable precaution, including monitoring and filtering systems, to ensure that young people will be safe when they use the internet and ICT systems. I also understand that the school cannot ultimately be held responsible for the nature and content of materials accessed on the internet and using mobile technologies.
  • I understand that my son’s / daughter’s activity on the ICT systems will be monitored and that the school will contact me if they have concerns about any possible breaches of the Acceptable Use Policy.
  • I will encourage my child to adopt safe use of the internet and digital technologies at home and will inform the school if I have concerns over my child’s e-safety.

Digital/Video Images

The use of digital / video images plays an important part in learning activities. Pupils and members of staff may use digital cameras to record evidence of activities in lessons and out of school. These images may then be used in presentations in subsequent lessons.

Images may also be used to celebrate success through their publication in newsletters, on the school website, social media (e.g. Twitter) and occasionally in the public media.

The school will comply with the Data Protection Act and request parents / carers permission before taking images of members of the school. We will also ensure that when images are published that the young people cannot be identified by the use of their names.

Parents are requested to sign the online permission form to allow the school to take and use images (as outlined above) of their children.

In addition you agree that if I take digital or video images at, or of, school events which include images of children, other than my own, I will abide by these guidelines in my use of these images.

I agree not to publish any images of children other than my own on any social media site without the express permission of the child’s parent.

APPs & Programs used in school

We use communication platforms, such as Class Dojo to keep in touch with you.  We also use APPs, such as See Saw to record evidence of your child's work and progress.  It is helpful if you agree that we can share your child's information with these services (name etc.).

Collection from school

We need to know who can collect your children from school on your behalf.  We will not release your child to anyone not on the list provided by you.

Local Area Visits

We provide opportunities for our children to gain exposure to a range of learning experiences both in and outside the classroom. Class trips to venues in the local area make up a considerable part of outside the classroom learning. By agreeing to this section on the online form, you give consent for your child to attend trips to venues in the local area (which saves us contacting you about each local excursion).