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Curriculum Vision Statement

Goetre Primary School, all staff value all of our pupils and have high-expectations of what they will achieve.  Our curriculum engages our pupils and helps them to develop and master important skills and knowledge.  Our curriculum promotes innovation; giving pupils opportunities to apply their skills and knowledge to work creatively, explore possibilities, and find solutions.  Our curriculum empowers our pupils to confidently express their learning through sharing, celebration, and shared reflection.

Our curriculum promotes positive attitudes towards learning.  pupils are knowledgeable, literate, and numerate.  They are physically, mentally and emotionally healthy and resilient.  They are digitally competent and are able to apply their knowledge and skills creatively to solve problems independently and with others.  pupils are ambitious and enthusiastic and enjoy challenge and achievement.

Our pupils are ethical, respectful, polite, friendly, kind, and welcoming.  They are well informed and have a deep understanding of cynefin and their community and its links with the wider world.  pupils are curious, questioning, caring, and empathetic and aware of how they can contribute positively to their community, Wales, and the wider world.