Wellbeing / Commando Jo

We take pride in ensuring that all children are catered for at Goetre Primary School.... We've been very lucky to work alongside Pant Primary School, to be the first schools in Wales to take on this initiative. Mr Hughes has taken a lead role within the school, ensuring that children cover the curriculum, using fun and innovative ways. Children love the program and we all do too!!

Mr Hughes has been taking children out to complete some Co-Jo work. Children have been so engaged!! Da iawn pawb! Here are just one / two examples... To see more visit our school facebook page - Goetre Primary School

SD - commando joe link This term year 1/2 have been focusing on good and bad consequences and how we react to different situations 👫👭 we finished off PSD this week with a team building exercise to test skills we have focused on over the last few weeks! Good patience, perseverance and respect shown by all today! Well done all! Class AC/CE Yr1/2. CE - yr 2