The 'Cwtch'

In 'The Cwtch' we have Miss Frowen, Miss L Jones and Mrs Llewellyn-Ball.

At Goetre we care for every child in a secure and friendly environment, enabling them to feel confident in their learning, and enjoy their time in school. All staff work together to support children’s social and emotional learning throughout the day, during lesson time, break, and lunch time.

The Cwtch is our provision designed to support those children, that sometimes find it difficult to put their needs into words when experiencing different emotions. Children sometimes face challenges, like all of us, and our team of staff are trained to support them and their families during this time. For some children there may be an obvious reason why they need a bit of extra support. This might be bereavement, family break down or an identified medical condition such as ADHD. For others, there can be no obvious trigger to why they are finding some aspects of school and/or home life difficult. The Cwtch program aims to help children overcome these difficulties and set backs, building self esteem, self-awareness, creativity, compassion, resilience, to have a positive place in society and to know that they matter.