Eco Action Plan

Summer Term 2018


We are pleased to announce that we have successfully implemented and achieved all goals on our summer term action plan!

In regards to getting new bins to improve our recycling in school we have received new plastic bins, paper bins and food caddies to ensure we have suitable resources to recycle in each class. The eco warriors have labelled bins and placed them in suitable areas throughout the school. We have created a timetable in which, eco warriors are given the responsibility to collect the recycling and monitor the amount of waste. We have implemented recycling food waste this term which has been successful. Every child in the school now has healthy snacks for break and the food waste is collected in a food caddie, this is then recycled by the council. As a result of this we have noticed a decrease in litter on our school yard as now waste is disposed appropriately. Our new action plan goal focuses on composting the majority of our foods waste ourselves, so that it can be used for our gardening club. We are also getting chickens for the school to reduce food waste further. On a weekly basis we were recycling three industrial cardboard bins, 1 plastic bin, 2 paper bins and 1 fruit bin we have noticed a big reduction in our general waste.

We have also successfully abandoned paper towels and plastic cups at our school. Every class and toilet now has a hand dryer and each class have bought a selection of reusable cups that are washed and reused daily in classes. We are hoping this will have a great effect on the amount of paper towels we use. We were ordering as a school (An already reduced amount) 20,000 paper towels per half term. Previously this amount was 40,320 per term at a cost to the school of £14.58 per box (540 paper towel.)

We have worked with the eco committee, governors and the outside agency interserve who have completely revamped our yards. We have raised planters which we use for gardening club, display planters and raised flowerbeds at our foyers. To give back to our community we have gone on regular litter picks in our local area, parents, staff and children took part in a whole school carnival to raise awareness of recycling. Children were dressed in recycled materials and also made an instrument made from recycled materials. Year 5 and 6 went on a trip to Porthcawl to complete a beach clean and have visited our local parks to complete pond dipping activities. We have also partnered with our local council and Merthyr Valleys homes to focus on a big problem in our area; fly tipping. As a result of this the children have designed posters which are being displayed by the council throughout the community.

In order to become a paperless eco committee we have created an account on google drive where the children type our meetings from each meeting and where we can save any eco information. The Eco committee are actively involved in all aspects of Eco and have led assemblies sharing information with the children and launching challenges for our Eco days.