Rigorous online safety policies and procedures are essential to safeguarding children online.

Use of exciting and innovative tools in school and at home has been shown to raise educational standards and promote pupil / student achievement.

The improper or unsafe use of technology can present challenges to children, young people,volunteers and staff.

There are some potential risks hence why parents have to give their permission for us to be able to use HWB, the Ipads and computers in our school. Please see our school policy for more details.


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Our scheme of work promotes messages like the ones below

Safety Tips for children

We enjoy working on the computers safely in class and have displays to show what we know.

Here are some examples of us using ESafety in school in Reception

Click here to find some information on E-Safety



Click on the document below to see an overview of the E-Safety skills your child will be learning about in school!

Click on the Esafety policy to find out about all we do at Goetre.