Year 3/4

The Year 3/4 phase group is divided into 4 classes. The Class teachers are Mrs Hughes, Miss Evans, Mrs Nurse and Mr Saunders and the LSA's are Mr Thomas, Mrs Jones, Miss Barry and Mrs Nicholls. In LRB 2 we have Mrs Turner and Mr Jones-Bell. In LRB 3 we have Mrs MCcarthy and Miss Warner.

Termly Theme / Topic

Year 3 and 4 are learning all about Ancient Egypt this term with our Topic ‘Temples, Tombs and Treasures!’ Through the topic children will delve into the past and learn interesting facts about life during an ancient civilisation. Children will learn about Tutankhamun, mummification and Egyptian Gods.

During our literacy lessons we will be given opportunities to use our imaginations, innovate and create our own Egyptian stories and poems. We will begin by looking at the structure of a story, create characters and describe settings including interesting vocabulary and a range of sentence types.

Our maths focus this term is on Place Value, Partitioning numbers and addition and subtraction.

In ICT lessons we will learn digital competency, online safety and the importance of secure passwords. Throughout the term children will learn about coding and how to save, send and retrieve data. Our teachers have told us we will also receive an email from Tutankhamun! This year we are going to learn all about green screening and will use QR codes in our books to show the great videos we create in class and all the fun we have during our lessons.

In PE we are learning the rules of team sports like hockey and netball. We are also going to be set special Egyptian missions and challenges using our Commando Joe equipment including; building pyramids and transport to cross the hot Egyptian desert. During all of our PE lessons we are going to work collaboratively and learn about the importance of communication and team work.

Important class information:

If you would like your child to have fruit the cost of this is 20p per day. Please send the fruit money in an envelope to your child's class teacher.

Please ensure your child is brought to school and collected on time every day. The class doors open at 8.45am and 3.05pm.

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LRB3 have made an amazing video about the first week back - Da iawn pawb - you are working hard already !!!

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