Out And About

We will be sharing many stories in class including Goldilocks and The Three Bears and The three Little Pigs.

We will be learning about where we live, people who help us and stranger danger.

The children have said they would like to make and taste porridge with different toppings in class.

During the term we will investigate hot and cold and the best materials to build a house.

At the end of the term we will celebrate with a Teddy Bears Picnic!


Our topic is ‘The Journey of Gaming’

We have chosen this topic as it is most definitely the favourite hobby of all the children in our class.

It is important for the children therefore to learn how to play safely on their consoles, computers,

tablets or phones in this technological age. We will be linking with our local community as we will be

working with students in Merthyr College to learn about Gaming Design as workshops. The children

will be learning how to become curious and creative individuals.

We will be looking at the history of gaming through the decades. How they have developed.

Compare the animation of the characters, how to create their own gaming characters. We will be

looking at in Science and Technology how sound plays an important part of the effects of gaming.

We will be going on many trips to develop our social, physical and collaborative skills by visiting

parks. We will be visiting Hollywood Bowl in Cardiff Bay to play as teams and we will also visit the

Games Arcade which is in the same building as they have some of the older games available to play,

such as Pac Man and Space Invaders. The children wish to attend a trip to the ‘Amdani Fitertainment

Park’ – The Ninja obstacle course to feel like they are a character in a game overcoming obstacles in

real life situations.

We aim to bring in the Sega game into the classroom and some other vintage games consoles. We

will be dressing up as gaming characters in class to celebrate our theme. This is going to be a theme

which will inspire the children to possibly look to their own successful Futures where the possibilities

open to them in this field of work is endless.