Additional Learning Needs

Mrs G.Yoxall (ALNCO)


Mrs Yoxall is the Additional Learning Needs Coordinator for Goetre Primary School. Her role is to ensure that the needs of pupils identified as having additional learning needs are met effectively through effective systems and processes being implemented by all teachers.

The ALN register is updated annually and pupils on the register will have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) which is reviewed three times a year and stored within an electronic system called Provision Map. Parents , pupils and staff are all fully involved in this process and progress of meeting targets within IEP's is evaluated .

All pupils at Goetre also have a One Page Profile which is stored in a file in each class. The One Page Profiles are written in consultation with pupils and parents using a Person Centred approach where the child is at the centre of the process.

The SEN Code of Practice for Wales

The SEN Code of Practice for Wales informs schools and other educational settings about their statutory duty to make provision for children's Additional Learning Needs.

The SEN Code of Practice, issued in 1994 (and updated in 2000) provides guidance and practical advice to Local Authorities, schools, early education settings and others on how to carry out their duties under the Education Act 1996.

Not all children with additional learning needs will be the same, so the Code of Practice states that there is a Graduated Response to meet their needs.

All Local Authorities, schools, early education settings and those who help them (which includes health and social services), have a duty to 'have regard to it'. This means that they cannot ignore the Code of Practice. In other words, although schools, Local Authorities and others do not have to do everything exactly as suggested in the code, but they have to be able to justify why they feel it is better to do things differently.

The following fundamental principles underpin the guidance given in the code:

  • A child with Additional Learning Needs (ALN) should have his or her needs met;

  • The Additional Learning Needs of children will normally be met in mainstream schools or early education settings;

  • The views of the child should be sought and taken into account;

  • Parents have a vital role to play in support of their child's education;

  • Children with Additional Learning Needs should be offered full access to a broad, balanced and relevant education, including an appropriate curriculum for the foundation stage and the national curriculum.

The Code describes how help for children and young people with Additional Learning Needs in schools and early years settings should be made by a step-by-step or graduated response.

Different schools will take account of the Code of Practice in different ways. However, if your child has Additional Learning Needs, you should be consulted at each step.

The SEN Code of Practice can be viewed on the Welsh Government website:

A New Code of Practice for ALN is due to be implemented soon and is available at the following link :

Transition Video

Goetre's LRBs version 2

Transition Powerpoint

Here is a presentation giving lots of information for new pupils coming to our LRB classes this September and for pupils mocing to a new base within the school.

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My New School-Primary LRB 2.pptx


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